Autumn Cupcakes

Ah...something we all look forward to in the fall time is the leave changing...a little celebration time over here! source:

Lemon Muffins

These fluffy lemon muffins are delicious and easy to make! Just take any lemon mix and add 4 1/2 instant pudding mix for extra...

Fall Cupcakes

Are you a fan of Fall? If so, this cupcake suits you! Chocolate cupcake beautifully wrapped with Fall themed paper, and topped with frosting...

Snowflake Cupcakes

These Chocolate cupcakes topped with Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting and snowflake icing will be an ideal sweet course to your family and friends for...

Beautifully Decorated Vintage Cupcakes

Celebrate your day in this vintage with these beautifully decorated light pink and white cupcakes. Source: http:[email protected]/8406294656/in/photostream/

Easter Bunny Cupcake

Happy Easter! Let's "dig" into spring! And mostly digging into cupcakes :) source:

Spring Cupcakes

It is finally spring!! So I looked up for spring cupcakes. This is what I found and I like the way it looks. source:    

Summer Cupcakes

I love to dream of what summer will bring! And apparently, the bears can't wait too!

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