30 Clever Nurse Cupcakes

Playful Nurses Cupcakes
Playful Nurses Cupcakes

One of the most comforting profession in the world is nursing. When you’re sick and your confined inside a scary hospital, your only ray of light and refuge is that very accomodating nurse who would comfort you until you fall asleep.

To honor the sacrifice and dedication of nurses around the world, bakers create heavenly goodies themed specifically for them. The designs incorporated ranges from cute to subtle horror (I’m not kidding). The main color theme are noticeably white and pink with designs like syringes, thermometer, their caps, and their scissors.

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I personally hope that all nurses appreciate this sweet delectable offerings. For us who just wants to eat delicious food, then we are also welcome to enjoy the collection.

30Playful Nurses Cupcakes

Image Credit: Nurse Buff